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Wristband Printing

Aura Print specialises in high-quality wristband printing for events, festivals, seminars, and really any occasion where crowds need comfortable and durable proof-of-admission. Use our simple calculator for an instant quote, then once you’re happy you can head to the checkout. Once you've placed an order you can supply us with your artwork or alternatively if you've paid for the design, our team can work with you to create your very own wristbands!

Our custom wristbands are fully recyclable, and feature rounded corners for a more comfortable fit. They're available in a variety of bright colours, and all printed on weatherproof polyester to survive anything that outdoor events can throw at them. So whether you need bespoke printed wristbands for concerts, corporate events or even VIPs, our expert team have the experience you need to put your ideas perfectly into print.

With superfast turnarounds and our commitment to quality on everything we produce, we're the printing company of choice for thousands of customers all over the world. Choose the type of wristband you need from our products below, and let's get started on your new favourite prints!

Wristband Printing - FAQs

What size wristbands do you print?

We print on 265mm by 18mm polyester wristbands, but if you need any other wristband size then just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do!

What information should I include on my wristband?

Printed wristbands don’t really give you much space for information, so it’s better to use just two or three design elements nice and clearly. At most, you’ll want to include:

  • Your logo and branding, on a background colour or design
  • The name of your event (and maybe the year, if it’s an annual occurrence)
  • Individual serial numbers if appropriate
  • For additional text like “VIP”, you may want to create a separate wristband design.

What paper thickness do you use?

With printed wristbands, getting the paper thickness right is a fine balance. We print our wristbands on 36 micron polyester, which feels like a nice quality 120gsm paper. Any lighter than this, and there’s a risk of them feeling a little too thin and low-quality. But on the flipside, the thicker the paper (or polyester), the more noticeable and obtrusive the wristband is likely to feel – especially over the course of a few hours or days. That’s why we like to stick with 36 microns, which feels thin and light but is, in fact, tearproof and extremely durable.

How long will it take to create my wristbands?

This really depends on how intricate your design is, and whether you’d like us to design your wristband for you or if you’re supplying a design of your own. But in general, as soon as you approve the design proof of your wristband, we can turn around most print jobs and mail them out within a time window of two business days. Metallic foil wristband designs may take longer to produce, but you can find the turnaround time for each product at the top of its respective product page.

Do you offer design services for wristbands?

Absolutely. Our print designers will gladly take a brief from you and create a fully bespoke design for your printed wristbands. Just select this option in the calculator on the appropriate product page, and our designers will be in touch once you’ve placed your order.

Can I design my own wristbands?

Of course! You’ll just need to make sure that it fits with the artwork requirements set out for that particular product. But don’t worry if you aren’t sure about this stage, or if you have any questions – you’re welcome to contact us if there’s anything you need to clarify. Alternatively, simply relax and let our print design team come up with a custom wristband design for you.

How are my wristbands packaged?

All our wristbands are supplied on sheets of ten, which we’ll mail to you in secure packaging inside a tape-covered cardboard box (so that it’s nice and waterproof). Depending on how many sheets of wristbands you order, we’ll always try our best to fit them all into one box for the sake of simplicity. In terms of postage we always use secure recorded delivery, so we can make sure your wristbands reach you quickly and without fail.

What if I’m not happy with my wristbands?

Everything we print is hand-finished and checked before we send it out to our customers, so we’re extremely confident that you’ll like every single wristband we create for you. But just as insurance against any blemishes or defects, everything we print is also backed by our 100% workmanship guarantee – meaning that if there are any flaws from the printing and creation process then we’ll do whatever is necessary to fix it. Unfortunately we can’t take responsibility for any issues with spelling or original artwork once you’ve approved your proof, so it’s worth being extra careful when you check over your proof before it goes to print!

Are your wristbands waterproof and recyclable?

Waterproof, tearproof, dirtproof and fully recyclable! Our printed wristbands are created using professional digital print toner fused onto silky polyester, which makes them fully waterproof and easy to wipe clean. They’re fully tearproof and very hard to snap open, and come with a strong adhesive tab that keeps them fastened securely.

Can I print metallic foil wristbands?

You certainly can! We specialise in hot metallic foil printing, which can create some spectacular finished designs on wristbands, business cards, flyers… you name it. Metallic foil printing works especially well on wristbands for VIPs, for special events like weddings, or for corporate functions like seminars and conventions. However, due to the complexity of foil printing onto wristbands, everything in the design will need to be foil printed – so you wouldn’t be able to mix ordinary non-foiled text with foiled elements, for example.

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