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Printed Advertising Flags

These well known flags, often called feather or teardrop flags, are a popular and effective way to adveetise outdoors. With a variety of bases, sizes and printing options they are a flexible solution that find many uses in business and leisure.

Different Styles

Printed flags are all findamentally the same, but have different shapes depending on the design. popular ones include feather, teardrop and blade models.

Optional Bases

Depending on where you want to use your flag, there are a full range of bases to choose from. Some for freestanding flags, some for hammering into soft earch and some for mounting onto fixed structures. We've got a base to suit you and your needs!

Height Options

Each model of printed advertising flag comes with a range of height options. Tyupically, these range from around 6ft in total at the smallest, up to almost six metres for the largest.

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  • Our printed backpack flags come in three styles and are perfect for advertising at festivals, trade shows, on the high street and many more action packed events!

  • The Feather flag is a fantastic looking outdoor display solution, ideal for festivals, trade shows and all manner of special events.

  • The Teardrop flag is a fantastic looking outdoor display solution, ideal for festivals, trade shows and all manner of special events.

  • These printed mini flags are perfect for placing around the work space on desks, advertising your brand at events, or simply getting peoples attention in a unique way.


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