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Business Card Printing

Your business cards are our business...

Our fantastic range of printed business cards will make sure you give the right impression first time. From basic business cards for a fast turnaround to more luxury business cards with laminations and metallic foils, we can cater to any budget and need. If you want some truly bespoke business cards then get in touch and we'll discuss what masterpieces we can create for you. We get that choosing can be hard, so if you're not sure what business cards options to pick then just give us a call, alternatively we have some handy frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

Business Card Printing - FAQs

What size business cards do you do?

We think we cover all the bases & more for business cards, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Landscape Business Card

Standard Landscape
Business Cards


Portrait Business Card

Standard Portrait
Business Cards


Large Square Business Card

Large Square
Business Cards


Small Square Business Card

Small Square
Business Cards


Mini Portrait Business Card

Mini Portrait
Business Cards*


Mini Landscape Business Card

Mini Landscape
Business Cards*


*Only available on some products.

What information should I include on my business card?

We think you should include these as a bare minimum on your business card.

  • Your first and last name: Your card is an introduction and what better way to start that with your name.

  • Your contact details: Definitely include your phone number and email, anything else like your LinkedIn for example is an extra.

  • Brand it: We think including your branding or logo on your card is a big yes yes. Think of it as a little slice of your business.

  • Tell people what you do: No matter if it’s a description of your business or your job title, it’s good practice to give that little bit extra context.

What paper thickness do you use?

Paper thickness really depends on what sort of features you want on your card. For example, if you want a coloured core card you’d need to have a much thicker card to make this possible. We’re super proud to offer a range of cards from 300gsm to over 800gsm. Generally speaking, the more gsm, the thicker your card will be.

250gsm Business Cards


50 Cards Stacked

400gsm Business Cards


50 Cards Stacked

700gsm Business Cards


50 Cards Stacked

Do you use any textured or unique papers?

How nice of you to ask! At Aura we pride ourselves on our fantastic range of different papers. Take a look below at our most popular but don’t forget if you can’t find what you’re looking for then get it touch and we can get it for you!

Silk Paper


Gloss Paper


Uncoated Paper


NeverTear Paper


Colourplan Paper


Kraft Paper


Conqueror Contour Paper

Conqueror Contour

Conqueror Laid Paper

Conqueror Laid

Conqueror Wove Paper

Conqueror Wove

Marble Paper


What sort of finishing is available?

We can finish your business cards in a variety of different ways, including laminations and different corner types. From gloss laminations to soft touch velvet. Not only does lamination create an awesome finish to your card but it also adds an extra layer of protection making it last longer in your clients hands. Different corner edges can help to keep your card sharp and punctual or smooth and friendly. We can cut your corners square or round them off.

Here’s what we offer:


Gloss Lamination

Eye Catchingly Shiny

Matt Lamination

Matt Lamination

No Shine Or Glare

Soft Touch Lamination

Soft Touch Lamination

Matt & Super Soft Feel

Square Corners

Square Corners

Classic & Punctual

Rounded Corners

Rounded Corners

Relaxed & Friendly

How long will it take to create my business card?

It depends on how intricate your design is and whether you want us to design your card or you want to. Generally speaking, as soon as your design proof has been approved we can turn around most jobs and post them out within a 2 day time window. If you have anything like metallic foil or spot UV it can take up to 5 days. Each product will let you know turnarounds at the top of the page.

Do you do free business cards?

You’ve heard of the term “the best things in life are free” right? Unfortunately, when it comes to business cards that term couldn’t be falser. Most people offering free business cards are giving you their worst quality cards just to get you in the door and sell you extras. With us we want to do it a little bit different. The only time we give away free business cards is when we run competitions on our social media. Not to be contradictory to what we just said though, the cards we run competitions for are extremely high quality! The caveat being we design your card for you. We do this is so that we can blog about creating it and test new process for creating new and individual looks. If you’re wanting a run of the mill business card then this probably isn’t what you’re after, but if you want to stand out from the crowd with a bespoke designed card, then stop reading, go over to our social media channels and give us a follow!

Do you offer design services for business cards?

But of course! We have a team of designers ready and waiting to make your business card designs come to life. Simply select it as an option in the calculator and they will be in touch once your order is placed.

Can I design my own business cards?

You sure can! Just make sure it follows the artwork requirements set out for each product. If you're struggling you can always give us a call though. Alternatively, you could just sit back, relax and have one of our designers create your artwork.

Do you have any examples of business cards you’ve made?

We’re not one to shy away from showing you some of the amazing business cards we’ve created. Go look at our pinterest gallery to get some quick inspiration. Don’t forget you can always request a sample pack of business cards to really get hands on with our lovely creations. Just send us an email with your address and we'll put it in the mail for you.

How are my business cards packaged?

Depending on how many you order, we’ll try our best to fit all your cards into a single business card box. Failing that we'll use either extra large or a few more smaller ones to keep all your business cards sharp, unbent and looking like they’re hot off the press. With posting we always use secure, recorded delivery so they get to you quick and without fail.

What if I'm not happy with my business cards?

Oh wait, you’re serious? Well, all our business cards are backed by our 100% workmanship guarantee meaning if there are any defects or blemishes from the printing and creation process we do whatever means necessary to fix it. We’re all about you, so believe us when we say we’ll bend over backwards, that said, we’re incredibly confident it will never get to that point as all cards are hand finished and checked before we send them out. We can’t be held accountable for spelling mistakes or any other artwork mishaps though once you’ve approved your proof so make sure you pay attention when giving it the final once over!

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