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Banner Printing

Aura Print specialise in wide format banner printing for businesses, events & advertising. We can print banners in any size you may need and not a day goes by where we tell a customer we can't print the banner they need. No matter what size your printed banner, we promise never to compromise on the quality of your finished product.

We offer many wide format materials to print on but our favourite and most requested are 440gsm PVC, 320gsm mesh and 700gsm double sided banner. With these banner materials, we're sure we offer the best options in the UK, so you get the banner you want, right down to the specifications you require.

Our printed banners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and as such, are made using high-quality inks to ensure your design will look and stay bright; your design is printed on the most durable vinyl, to ensure your product stays looking fantastic. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time, and most banners we print are turned around in two days or less, so no matter what size banner you require, you're dealing with the experts.

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