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Say “Hi” To Our Team - Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Good companies are nothing without good people, and we’re proud to have some of the very best in the business working here at Aura. We have a mix of newly qualified and experienced veterans keeping the cogs running smoothly, one thing in common though is we’re all enthusiastic about offering you the best service possible. We all work tirelessly to maximise speed, quality and to avoid any mistakes in admin or production.

We all operate as a unit, but we have separate teams that work seamlessly to get your print looking amazing. These teams are our admin team, who deal will all your requests. Our design and pre-press team who create and set up your design for print. Our print team who, as you guessed it, make your print come out flawless, then finally our marketing and web team who take care of the site, make new products, and advertise our service to hundreds of lucky customers.

So with all that said, here are your hosts:


Placeholder Portrait

Mark Joy

Customer Service Manager

I love taking care of our customers! I always go out of my way to make sure you get the best bang for your buck and get exactly what you need. I'm so proud of what we've achieved in making our customers happy and our customer reviews put a real smile on my face.

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Tim Wright

Customer Service Advisor

I take pride in making sure every e-mail, phone call, or quote I make is accurate and gives you the best results. I can always help in suggesting what might work best and can't wait to hear from you. I'll also let you know about new products we're bringing out!

Placeholder Portrait

Suzanne Ranshaw

Customer Service Advisor

I'm the latest friendly face at Aura Print and I've come to make your customer service experience the best it can be. My aim here is to make sure your order goes through without a hitch and that you get exactly what you're needing. I can't wait to hear from all our lovely customers. 

Liam Sayer Portrait

Liam Sayer

Design Manager

As the head honcho of designing at Aura I take it upon myself to make sure my experience and keen eye for contemporary design flows passionately to every design I create. I love to hear your inspirations and turn them into truly amazing results.

Placeholder Portrait

Josh Fincher

Design & Pre Production

No matter if you've sent in your own artwork or asked for us to design it, I make sure that it's either all set up correctly or can use my design experience to make your print look like something truly unique and stand out.

Chris Chatterton Portrait

Chris Chatterton

Wide Format Production Manager

Keeping all of our wide format printers constantly running with your artwork, even with different materials is no easy task. Thankfully I'm a legend when it comes to juggling efficiency, quality and getting you your artwork printed and delivered on time!

Darren Holmes Portrait

Darren Holmes

Litho & Digital Print Manager

Need flyers, brochures, business cards or posters? I'm your man. I keep all of our high tech konica printers rolling all day long then take them to the finishing room to laminate, crease, foil and fold all of your print. Finally I'll quality check it all by hand. Nothing leaves unchecked!

Chris Dyson Portrait

Chris Dyson

Production Operative

I'm "little chris" and believe it or not I've been here the longest, since 2009! I finish off everything that prints from our wide format printers on our huge cutting tables. From PVC banners to posters and panels, I use my precise eye to cut them all. I've still got all my fingers too!

Martin Hall Portrait

Martin Hall

Production Operative

Hi, I'm Martin and I work alongside little chris due to the huge amount of banners, posters and stickers we print on a daily basis. I finish off and trim most of the trade work we do here at Aura. So if you're ordering in bulk, my steady hand will most likely do the finishing.

Placeholder Portrait

Lukasz Gradus

Litho & Digital Print Finisher

Making sure your print leaves us flawless is my main goal. With that said I'm a true master at foiling, cutting, laminating and every other finishing touch we offer. It's my keen eye that quality checks your work before it leaves too!

Liam Smith Portrait

Liam Smith


I'm Mr Aura. I've been here since it all began, from printing solo on my own to our now ten plus specialised workforce. I'm really enthusiastic about our current team and have confidence in everyone to offer the best service possible, all without cracking the whip (too hard).

Emma Smith Portrait

Emma Smith


You know what they say about great men, they're told what to do by great women! Along with keeping everything running smoothly here at Aura and morale high, I write lots of interesting articles in our blog which I hope you'll dig your teeth into and get some inspiration.

Richard Walker Portrait

Richard Walker

Marketing & PPC

No longer the new guy here at Aura, but don't let that fool you. I've got plenty of marketing insight to make sure we're ahead of the game, gaining traction, advertising our services and bringing out the latest and greatest print products that you, our customers will love.




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