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Cut Coloured Vinyl

Cut Coloured vinyl

Cut Coloured Vinyl

Cut coloured vinyl is a time tested product that's been around for a long time. It's used for all kinds of graphics - signage, windows, vehicles and much more. Cut coloured vinyl is versatile, flexible and easy to use as well as offering great durability and a vivid, long lasting quality look. We supply it cut and ready to use, so all you have to do it position it, peel back the backing paper, rub down the decal and remove the application tape. Cut vinyl can be tricky to fit, but there are a lot of tutorials online that will help you to be successful. It's not too hard once you get the hang of it, but if you're unsure it's best to get a professional sign fitter to help you. You only get one chance with vinyl to apply it correctly.

What is Cut Coloured Vinyl?

Cut coloured vinyl is basically coloured sticky back plastic. It's made from vinyl, is coloured to both sides (so orange vinyl looks orange from both the glue side and viewing side) and is supplied on large rolls direct to us. The vinyl is stuck to a backing sheet and it is not removed from this until it is ready to use. We load the rolls onto our plotter cutter, and this kiss cuts the design into the vinyl. Kiss cutting means that only the vinyl is cut - not enough pressure is used to go right through the backing paper as well, so even when cut it stays as a complete sheet. After that stage, the waste vinyl (the part that you don't want on your design) is removed from the backing paper, leaving only the finished design. The sheet is then covered in application tape and trimmed to size, ready to use.

Advantages of Cut Coloured Vinyl

You may be forgiven for thinking that modern graphic printing techniques would have replaced cut coloured vinyl altogether, but this is not so. That's because cut vinyl has several key features that cannot be replicated by printed vinyl. These include:

  • Coloured on both sides - doesn't have a white back like printed stickers
  • Bright, long lasting vibrant colours that aren't possible with print
  • Vinyls are available that last 7+ years - not possible with printed variants
  • Available in gloss/matt/metallic and FX types - glitter, mirror & much more!
  • Printing equipment is not required to manufacture it
  • Disdvantages of Cut Coloured Vinyl

    While cut coloured vinyl is still in wide use, there are some things that it can't do, and many of these things have become accepted as part of the modern print and signage trade. Consider these points when choosing the method of manufacture for your signage.

  • Limited range of colours (256 across manufacturers)
  • Not all Pantone colours available as a vinyl
  • Not all RAL colours available as a vinyl
  • Not exact matches to CMYK or RGB colours
  • Time consuming to build up multi coloured/layered images
  • There is a limit to how small text and shapes can be cut
  • About Mactac MaCal 9800 Pro

    We stock a selection of colours and metallics from the well respected Mactac Macal 9800 range. It features the following characteristics:

  • 5 year outdoor life for metallics
  • 8 year outdoor life for colours
  • 10 year outdoor life for black or white
  • Premium quality, long term marking film
  • Gloss finish
  • Premium soft stabilized polymeric PVC film
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