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Posted on 04/05/2018
by Emma Smith.

What To Include In A Funeral Order Of Service

A Useful Guide For When You Are Thinking Of Printing A Funeral Order Of Service.


Deciding what to include in an order of service for a loved one can seem like a difficult task. However, this can be an opportunity for you to celebrate your loved one and produce a special memento of memories and photographs for all those present and even for those that cannot attend.

There are two main considerations when producing an order of service, that being the content for inside the booklet and the design of the covers. With that said, lets first look into the content side.

funeral order of service


Content Of An Order Of Service

The Front Cover

Most order of services will have a simple front cover, with a photo of a loved one in either colour or black and white. This could be current or past, depending on personal preference and how you would like to remember them.

It's best to include your loved ones full legal name and date of birth. Possibly the time and location of the memorial service may be shown too. Finally, if there's reasonable room left, some people choose to add a favourite saying or phrase to remember them by.

It may be that you had opportunity to discuss the persons own wishes for this, so these can be considered too. The tone never has to be sad or serious as typically, the order of service is a celebration of the person’s life and as such does not include the words death or dead, equally the word funeral is usually avoided for the same reason.


The schedule of service

There is no written rule for the schedule of service and this will vary with the type of ceremony you wish to have. It will have to be developed in conjunction with the leader of the service too; whether that be a religious figure or otherwise. However, a typical order of service may look something like this:

  • Musical procession as people are seated. The choice of song may be printed for those not present.
  • Introduction, perhaps by the religious leader.
  • Music and hymns, words may be added so people can join in singing.
  • Chosen speeches or readings by chosen people known to the individual, perhaps printing these readings or memories.
  • A committal blessing
  • Closing music


Memories And Photographs

After this, whatever you choose to add to provide happy, significant memories for all present may be added. Ideas for this are photographs, phrases or poems. There is no limit on how many pages this covers.

Other ideas seen include a timeline of a person’s life, with their major landmark dates noted, such as graduation, marriage and children’s births. This can be a lovely way of showing how they have had a fruitful and varied life with achievements recognised along the way.


Back cover or final page

The closing page will often include another photograph. There will often be a mention of where donations collected will be sent to. This may be something that meant a lot to them during life or helped them towards the latter stages.

Often an expression of thanks to those who have attended is made here too.


Designing An Order Of Service For A Funeral

Once you have decided on the content of your booklet, you can consider the actual design. You can have as many pages as you wish. It is not uncommon for people to have several pages of pictures. Many families choose this so that they can give people as lasting memory of their loved one.

Choosing a style may include a simple border. Ensure you use a font and font size that is easy to read. Many people make the mistake of choosing an ornate italic, which is then hard to see and interpret. Its best therefore to avoid any swirly style of writing.

Ensure that your booklet is not cluttered. You may consider other features to your booklet, such as beautiful foiling, rounded corners or any other ideas you may have.


Wish To Print An Order Of Service With Us?

We are here to help you design an individual, personal order of service. We can work with you to produce just what you are after and have talented designers to really give your loved one a special send off. To see what we can offer you can visit here.

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