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Welcome To The Aura Print Blog

A resource for all things print...

Being in the print industry, we know that sometimes processes and jargon can make things difficult to understand. Thankfully our print geeks love to write content for you to understand our world a bit better and hopefully get some amazing inspiration along the way for your next print project. From announcements to guides, our blog is full of useful info and some just for fun bits too!

  • Knowledge Base
    Posted on 03/11/2015
    by Aura Print.

    Pull Up Banner Stands

    Since pull up banner stands are so portable, their deployment is quick and easy. Match this with an effective layout and you have a ...

  • Design
    Posted on 31/10/2015
    by Aura Print.

    Custom Vinyl Banner Printing

    If you’re providing your own artwork that’s ready for print you’ll never have to deal with the design department of a ...

  • Knowledge Base
    Posted on 23/10/2015
    by Aura Print.

    Cheap Roll Up Banners

    When it comes to indoor displays a cheap roll up banner may seem like the ideal solution, but when it comes to quality will ...

  • Knowledge Base
    Posted on 22/10/2015
    by Aura Print.

    Colour Banners

    Having a full colour banner is a great way to advertise just about anything but getting the design right can be tricky. Here at ...

  • Knowledge Base
    Posted on 21/10/2015
    by Aura Print.

    Digital Banner Printing

    The term “digital banner printing” is often used in reference to banners, but what does it actually mean? Digital printing is used for much ...

  • Aura News
    Posted on 16/10/2015
    by Aura Print.

    Printed Vinyl Banners

    The great advantage of Aura Print’s PVC banners are the high durability and resistance against the everyday elements. We use a high quality ...

  • Knowledge Base
    Posted on 14/10/2015
    by Aura Print.

    Vinyl Advertising Banners

    Using printed PVC vinyl banners for advertising is a great use of your promotional budget. They're a cheap and effective way of spreading your ...

  • Knowledge Base
    Posted on 13/10/2015
    by Aura Print.

    Beware - Cheap Printed Banners

    We're proud of our quality AND value here at Aura Print, but not all printers are the same. When it comes to banners, sometimes ...

  • Knowledge Base
    Posted on 13/10/2015
    by Aura Print.

    Modern Full Colour Banner Printing

    Banners haven't always been made the way that they are now, and if you haven't ordered a new banner for a few years you ...

  • Print Equipment
    Posted on 13/10/2015
    by Aura Print.

    Wide Format Banner Printing

    The phrase 'wide format banner printing' is heard a lot in the modern print business. This blog aims to explain fully what wide format ...

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