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Business Cards
Posted on 20/02/2018
by Emma Smith.

Metallic Foil Business Cards - Our Luxury New Business Cards

Choosing your metallic foil business cards

There is no doubt, metallic foil business cards are having a moment right now and it’s really no surprise. With business cards being your first contact with a potential customer, in like manner, metallic foil cards shout "I care, am professional and aim to impress".

There are many colour variations of metallic foiled cards we can offer and along with the classic gold and silver, there are plenty other colours. Our most popular new addition is rose gold as well as copper and metallic primary colours, these are fresh contenders that are incredibly attractive to the eye.

The right colour metallic card choice involves thought about your business and what impression you want to give. Perhaps a delve into the psychology of colour will help you decide as colour influences your brain waves and nervous system. It's never as simple as just a colour as that’s a whole lot going on right there!


Gold metallic foil business cards

The colour gold is a real classic, timeless choice, not to mention, It represents success. When people see gold, they think of winning and wealth, equally important, it is suggestive of a certain status. For business cards with a black background, gold gives a lovely, contrasting, luxury look, in like manner, gold foil business cards are a popular choice for lawyers, consultants and many other areas around business matters.

See our gold foil business cards here!

Gold Metallic Foil Business Cards


Silver metallic foil business cards

Silver is a subtler colour than gold. It is seen as elegant and pure, providing clarity and proven to reduce anxiety and exude peace. Silver is associated with the elements of metal and water and is often used within the industry of technology, as it represents the machinery seen in this realm. We often see this card used among beauticians, bridal boutiques and in addition, other elegant services.

See our silver foil business cards here!

Silver Metallic Foil Business Cards


Copper metallic foil business cards

Copper is associated with the earth and nature. It creates the notion of feeling safe and warm, together with thoughts of a rustic, honest feeling. Very hygge! Our copper foil business cards create a warmer glow when compared to gold and we see copper used a lot on our black card options.

See our copper foil business cards here!

Copper Metallic Foil Business Cards


Rose gold metallic foil business cards

Rose gold is now extremely popular. we seen everywhere; from our technical gadgetry to the packaging of products on our shelves. There’s a good reason for this. The pink tint of rose gold is wonderfully calming and sedating. It delivers a direct contrast to the high anxiety, fast paced world gadgetry can represent and provide to us. It suggests spending power and luxury with its gold undertones. Pink is in vogue for men too right now, so rose gold is certainly not exclusively a woman’s only colour choice!

See our rose gold foil business cards here!

Rose Gold Metallic Foil Business Cards


Need some metallic foil business cards?

At Aura print, we print and finish our metallic foil business cards in house. We're always happy to discuss your individual requirements, be it a quick chat, or discussing a custom job. Our designers work with you to make something truly special because what's better than a one of a kind, bespoke business card?

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