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Posted on 04/05/2018
by Emma Smith.

Marble Paper Stationary, Business Cards & More

Our new range of marble paper

Straight from the luxury paper makers of G.F.Smith paper, we're now proud to supply their fantastic marlmarque marbled paper. With an incredible marble pattern, and manufactured in a way that no two pages are ever the same, this paper is great for fancy business cards, certificates, flyers and more.

marble paper gfsmith



Why do people choose marble paper to print on?

Well, to answer this  we need to consider what people think of when they see a marble pattern. Marble is a hardy, typically white stone, with coloured spots and lines occurring naturally through it. It can be highly polished and is commonly used for sculptures and architecture. It's qualities include being very smooth, extremely hard wearing and clean looking. Favoured by Greek and Roman sculptors, marble has become associated with tradition and refined taste. Marble was used to create some of the most famous buildings in the world, such as the Taj Mahal. More commonly in day to day life you can encounter marble in luxury kitchens, banks, fancy offices etc. Coming back around to the question we started with, marble is used in printing to convey these characteristics; suggesting the same quality and beauty as its origin suggests.


How is marble paper made?

You may not remember this, but did you ever make marble paper as a child? It involves dipping the paper into a coloured solution and leaving it to dry. Paper marbling creates a water type surface design, like that seen in real marble. The pattern is a result of colour floated on either plain water or a viscous solution, into which the paper is dipped to absorb. Marbling is fantastic, in that every single sheet produced has a unique and individual pattern that no other piece of paper will have. It is by far a better look than simply printing a marble design onto blank paper.


So, how is marble paper used in print?

Marble suggests a timeless characteristic and perhaps even an aged feel. It is often seen used with a calligraphic print, which is another ancient technique that therefore works well with this design. So without further ado, here's some examples we've found for you.

Our current favourite use for marble paper is for business cards. Coupled with metallic foil printing, it can look exceptional.

Marble paper can offer a very classy look for prestigious certificates too, with or without foiling.

You can also find marble paper used for book or folder covers on notebooks or literature.

Marble printing is also becoming a popular choice for invitations and envelopes.

As we've mentioned, a popular choice of ink with this technique is gold or silver foil; as this supports the aged, luxurious timeless image of the natural stone.

Lets wrap it up

At Aura print, we can support all your marble business paper needs, from business cards to invites and more. We also foil in house, therefore meaning your dream design can be produced quickly and personally, without breaking the bank.

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