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Posted on 03/02/2016
by Aura Print.

Impakt - Colour Core/Back Luxury Printing Card

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, and with that in mind Aura Print have created Impakt - a range of luxury, heavyweight printing cards, available with a choice of 15 different vibrantly coloured cores or backs & optional matt or gloss lamination.

Aura Print have always been well known for our banner printing and quality leaflets, but recently we have created this range of awesome printing materials which add real pizzaz to our print - and the options are almost endless!

As well as the colour options, Impakt also has the benefit of being a digital printing stock - designed for use on digital printing machines. This means that whatever your order and whatever we're printing for you using the Impakt material, you can have multiple different pieces of artwork split over your order. This is totally unlike traditional litho printing and other similar card types. We use it for our Impakt colour core and Impakt colour back business cards, as well as our range of baby thank you cards.

Impakt - The Different Kinds

Colour Core 800gsm

Our Impakt colour core is a double sided print card with a thick coloured centre layer. The front and back are smooth white 160gsm paper, while the middle is made from 2 sheets of 240gsm coloured card - a grand total of a whopping 800gsm which gives a super thick and stiff luxurious material.

Colour Back 590gsm

Impact colour back card is almost the same as the Impakt colour core, except that the back white sheet is left off. This makes it a single sided printing card, with the colour core being fully visible from the reverse side. ideal if you only need to print one side and want to see more of that lovely colour!



Impakc colour core business cards in attractive pink presentation box

Impakt - Product Uses

The colour core or colour back card is made in SRA3 sheet size (320mm x 450mm) & can be used to make anything as long as it doesn't need creasing or folding. Popular uses include business cards - in colour core or colour back - & also luxury flyers or cards such as our range of baby thank you cards.

Impakt is a luxury, premium product designed for situations where you need to make a lasting positive impression. The range of colours means there's always one to suit your company identity - perfect for corporate designs. It is also especially useful for promoting a premium brand - a high quality printing stock will always show your product in its best light.



Impakt - How Is It Made?

Our coloured core paper is made by bonding 4 sheets of paper together to give the final finished thickness. First, the card design is printed onto the white front & reverse. At the same time, the two coloured centre sheets are bonded together. Once the printing is complete, the material is finalised by bonding the white face and reverse to the coloured core. Colour back simply leaves off the reverse white sheet.

Many similar cards are made in advance before printing, but this limits them to litho printers as the 800gsm material won't go through digital machines. As we print BEFORE bonding we can offer amazing quality AND the flexibility & speed of digital printing. If you're interested in our range of Impakt products, please get in touch with us today!

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