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Posted on 27/09/2018
by Emma Smith.

How To Create A Business Card With Impact

10 top tips for making your business cards a great success

The business card of today can be exciting, different and memorable. So, you are here to figure out what type fits your brand best. How can you use this small piece of card to make a brilliant first impression? These top tips will help you decide what theme and style of card you want.

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Cheap isn’t always cheerful

You may think that getting an inexpensive or free business card is a savvy way to save on costs, especially when on a budget. However, consider this from your client’s point of view. A cheap, poorly designed card isn’t memorable and conveys the message that your product or service is offered on a budget too. It’s a false economy! That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. It means considering the impression you want to make carefully. Investing at this early stage means its more likely your card will be kept and used later.

Comparing Thickness Of Business Cards


Research and replicate

Take notice of other people’s business cards. Look in your wallet or purse. Which cards have you kept and why? Consider how the cards represent the business and how they make you as a consumer feel about the business. There are endless options to consider and researching these will give you plenty of inspiration for your own design.

Assorted Luxury Business Card Samples


Match your card to your business

The overall look or image needs to complement your business. This can be achieved in many ways; through texture, colour, font and other methods explored below. These all need to tie in together to achieve an overall look.

Coloured Back Business Card Samples


Dare to be different

There are some great designs out there that really stand out. You may consider a different shaped card, unusual folding or even a pop-up card.

Raised Spot UV Business Card Samples


Which paper shall I choose?

You need to consider the thickness of the paper you would like. Too thin can feel cheap and flimsy. Too thick and it might not fit in your customer’s wallet easily. There are also different colours of papers, remember to check that the colours you want will come out as you expect on the colour paper you choose. This advice also covers special effects, which work well on some papers, but not so well on others. Your designer or printer should be able to advise you with this. There are some great textured papers that feel really appealing and add extra interest to the design.

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Which font style shall I choose?

There are plenty of fonts available for you to consider. Websites are available with hundreds of options to inspire you. The general advice is to use no more than two different fonts on each page, as otherwise it can look confusing and crowded.

Different Business Card Font Examples


Which colours to use?

Again, you may need to match these to your current design. You will also need to ensure you can achieve the combination of colours effectively and that any writing can be seen clearly. Black is generally the safest choice for font, as light colours can become lost on the paper.

Aura Print Business Card Sample Pack


What technicalities do I need to consider?

One of the most common questions we are asked is how to add bleed and crop marks to a business card. Firstly, you must ensure your saved document size is the finished size of what you want to print. For example, 3.5” x 2” for a business card. Any background colours, images etc that you want to reach the edges need to extend past these document edges; usually by 3mm, depending on the product. It is also important to ensure that your text and other copy are not too close to the document edges. Your printer should be able to help you with this if you have any concerns.



Design yourself or use a design service?

This depends upon your computer skills and how firm your ideas are on the final design. You may choose to use a template from the internet, although these are usually payable or dependant on you ordering the cards from a certain supplier. Having your own card designed can give you something completely individual to you, often for the same or less cost than a template card.

Looking for advice on what information to put on your business card? We have a great blog, with advice on what information you need to include on your card to get the best return.

We sell a wide variety of business cards in many papers and with many effects, take a look and remember we are always happy to help.

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