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Posted on 21/06/2019
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Banners for Races and Charity Events – Now With Free Templates!


Sponsored Walks and Fun Runs

Races, Marathons and Triathlons

Coffee and Cake Mornings

Auctions and Art Exhibits

Plays, Concerts and Night-time Events


Using Banners Effectively

Big events attract big crowds. Marathons, sponsored walks, coffee mornings… they all rely on managing crowds of people.

People need the clearest banners you can give them. Good signage tells people where to park, where to go, and where to get their tickets or race numbers. Well-designed PVC banners also make your event safer, and more visible. They attract more attention, drawing bigger crowds – which could mean more in takings or donations.

Great signage (printed in full colour, on high quality banner material) can also get your event noticed by people just passing by, with the potential to swell your numbers further on the day.

You could also gain wider publicity on social media if you have bigger, more beautiful banners to show off your branding in everyone’s Facebook and Instagram posts… or even in the local press and evening news. (Or, if you aren’t that big yet, just wait for your amazing Aura banner templates to work their publicity magic…)

Effective Banner Design

Effective banners are eye-catching, attractive and visible from a distance. They’re weatherproof and fade-resistant, and so long as they don’t mention specific dates, they can be used again and again for both indoor and outdoor advertising. They’re designed with a sense of brand and belonging, using minimal words and images to convey information in seconds. They’re positioned in the best locations, secured safely, and use vibrant colours printed in high definition for maximum appeal.

Successful events need professional signage, designed for high visibility and instant recognition. With this in mind, our talented designers have created five banner templates below, which you’re welcome to download and use for free.

Download your free banner templates for:

1. Sponsored Walks and Fun Runs

Charity walks and runs are easier to plan than other fundraisers, and give higher returns on investment for their budgets. This obviously makes them hugely popular, with crowd pullers like Race for Life, the Memory Walk and the Colour Run among the biggest fundraising events in the UK. With such huge crowds, there’s a definite need for large, clear, high-colour banners – just like you’ll get with our handy template right here!

Click the image below for our full template as an Adobe Illustrator file.

A free banner template for fun runs, featuring an image of joggers set against a green background


2. Races, Marathons and Triathlons

Fun, high-profile and intensely competitive, events like IRONMAN and the London Marathon rely on huge branded banners to stand out clearly for such massive crowds. Bold text, vivid tones and stripped-back designs are a necessity, along with an expert eye for positioning. Race banners are your opportunity to surround a static crowd with attractive branding and promotions, and direct fast-moving competitors along their route as clearly as possible – so boil down your designs to their simplest possible form.

Click the image below for our full template as an Adobe Illustrator file.

A free banner template for Victoria Triathlon, featuring a red image of competing cyclists set against a white background


3. Coffee and Cake Mornings

Unlike races and marathons, an advertising banner for a relaxing coffee morning (like Macmillan’s) gives you much more time to attract people’s attention and deliver useful information. Use a large appealing image to sell the sensory ‘sizzle’ of your event (namely new friendships, rich coffee and an irresistible slab of cake), along with essential details like where and when – and who you’re raising funds for.

Click the image below for our full template as an Adobe Illustrator file.

A free banner template in blue for a coffee morning at St Mary's Church


4. Auctions and Art Exhibits

Whether for profit or as charity fundraisers, auctions and exhibits draw smaller crowds with an interest in particular artists, causes, properties or antiques. Depending on the audience you’d like to attract, your advertisement could be bright and colourful to draw charitable crowds on a busy street, or more classically styled to blend in with a gallery or historic building.

Click the image below for our full template as an Adobe Illustrator file.

A free banner template for a charity auction and art exhibition, featuring lorem ipsum text and a gavel symbol set against a bright yellow background


5. Plays, Concerts and Night-time Events

Banners for later events might rely on artificial lighting rather than natural daylight. This can change the way colours are seen, which might affect the palette you’ll need to work with to keep your banner readable. Whether it’s an outdoor fundraiser like Byte Night or Nightrider, or Under the Stars’ nightclubs for people with learning disabilities, nocturnal crowds are counting on banners with sharper contrast and crystal-clear layouts to help them find venues in the first place, and to find their way around them in lower light.

Click the image below for our full template as an Adobe Illustrator file.

A free banner template for a rock festival event, featuring listed band names and a guitar icon set against a black background and line-art imagery of a festival crowd

Need More Advice?

We hope you found our banner templates helpful! As ever, if you need some expert guidance on how to create your own, or if you’re searching for someone to print your banners professionally (along with some top-notch customer service), then look no further. Our brilliant designers and printers create banners all day, every day – so they know how to get you the best quality, with the speediest possible delivery.

Want to know more? Click here for our full range of printed banners – or check out more of our custom printing services, like backdrops for events and productions.

If you have any questions about getting your banner printed, or if you need some help to get that design just right, that’s why we’re here! Just get in touch and we’ll be glad to help out with your design, and get your banner printed and eyeletted professionally.

Whether you need roller banners, double-sided designs or any other banner printing service you can think of, we can take care of it for you. Click here for our product page, which will show you every type of banner we can create for you.

And don’t forget – safety first! Banners should always be secured with tough metal eyelets or pole pockets, and fitted tightly against a sturdy backing. Or, for banners that are likely to catch more wind and could risk blowing free, think about using our windproof mesh banners instead.

If you found this article and our free templates useful, please give this a share so that more people can benefit for their own races and charity events!

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