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Posted on 19/11/2018
by Emma Smith.

Backdrop Banner Printing For Any Occasion Or Event

When to use backdrop banner printing at your event

There are many occasions where an event can really benefit from an effective backdrop banner. Whether it’s a band, theatre, concert, conference or other event, a backdrop banner can add that impressive extra something. There are plenty of reasons why banners are such a popular choice. Here are some things you may consider when choosing whether to have one or more backdrop banners printed for your event.

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When setting the scene is important!

If you have an on stage event with a theme, backdrop banners can be key to setting the background. It prepares the viewer for the main event, even before the actual event starts. The background can start to tell the story, via scenery, colours or a certain theme. Colours and patterns can be suggestive of a certain era or place too. It sets the theme and the audience can begin to anticipate what is about to happen. Alongside the other senses, such as the sounds used, the observer can become more immersed in the show and gain more enjoyment from it. It helps to create a small separate space, regardless of where the event is being held. It can also be used to cover up what is going on behind the scenes and prevent distraction.

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Remember me?

Vinyl backdrop banners can provide a high impact image on a large scale. People are likely to remember such images, making backdrop banners ideal for events and exhibitions. Whether that is highlighting your logo or getting across the main points of your speech. Think about large celebrity events, there are always backdrops featuring brands or sponsors.

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Personalised backdrop banners to your exact specifications

No matter what sort of event you're running, your backdrop banner can be custom made to your exact specifications. You choose what you want to convey and replicate your ideas to your personal preference. You get to choose the size and material of your banner, right down to the finishing choices for hanging the banner.


Suitable for any location, indoor or outdoor

Large format background banners are ideal for use both indoor and outdoor. They are weatherproof and durable, therefore can be used in all type of seasons. This makes them perfect for the notoriously famous UK unpredictable weather. They are also suitable for indoor use in theatres, trade shows, conference halls and exhibition centres.

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Easy to transport and can be used time and time again

Just like any other banner, backdrop banners are easy to transport and hard wearing. They can be used again and again, making them a really cost-effective choice, especially if your design doesn't need to change.

I hope this blog has inspired you to consider why a backdrop banner would be the right choice for your event. It’s extremely easy to order your banner from us, whether you have your own design or not, we can help make the process quick and easy.

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