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Posted on 19/11/2018
by Emma Smith.

Backdrop Banner Printing For Any Occasion Or Event

When to use backdrop banner printing at your event

There are tons of events that can really benefit from an effective, high-quality backdrop banner. Whether it’s a live gig, a concert or a theatre performance, (or even a conference, sports event or school play), a custom-printed backdrop banner can really add that impressive finishing touch.

Maybe you need to make your company logo more visible. Maybe you want a couple of mood-setting scenery shots to help bring a performance to life. Cutting-edge print tech is bringing costs down constantly, so even on a smaller budget most people can get a banner printed for their event.

Modern wide-format print processes let you create any custom banner you need in full colour and high resolution. All you need to do is place your banner order online, and you can have your custom backdrop printed in a couple of days and delivered wherever you need it.

Vinyl and PVC banners are a really popular choice for printed backdrops, not least because they can be much cheaper than creating a banner on canvas or fabric. Below we've included a few more things you may want to keep in mind when choosing whether to have backdrop banners printed for your event.

Sponsorships and Sponsor Walls

Step-repeat tiled images of a generic logo on a black background

Nothing says "official sponsor" quite like a logo wall. You've seen them at industry shows, film premieres and other red carpet events, and they couldn't be easier to design and reproduce!

Whether you're running an event or supplying the branded backdrop on behalf of a company, it's simply a case of tiling the sponsors' logos to create a large-scale printed backdrop – adding some serious star factor to your photo opportunities, and raising the game for events in your industry. A printed PVC vinyl sponsor wall is fully weatherproof and easy to wipe down, so even if rain stops play, your branded backdrop will drip-dry in no time.

When setting the scene is important!

Good storytelling is all about suspension of disbelief. (AKA: believing it's really happening). If you have an on-stage event with a theme, then backdrop banners can be key to creating this illusion of a real background, where real events are taking place.

A fantastical landscape of giant mushrooms and a fairytale castle

Think of Dracula's castle or Juliet's balcony, or the fantastical world of Alice in Wonderland. These kinds of backdrops prepare viewers for the main event, even before that event starts. Even comedies and dramas can benefit from printed backdrop banners, whether the scene calls for period wallpaper, a wartorn city, or even a Little Shop of Horrors. A good background can begin to tell the story via scenery, colours or a particular theme. Certain colours and patterns can also be suggestive of certain places and eras, helping to set the scene that much more. It all helps to conjure a theme, and so the audience can begin to anticipate what's about to happen... (and the key to a good experience is building anticipation.)

Along with sensory effects like sounds, music and lighting, a theatre audience can become even more immersed in a show (and get more enjoyment from it) when the events are set against spectacular printed backdrops. It helps to create a small separate space away from the real world, somewhere for the story to unfold, regardless of where the event is being held. (It can also be used to cover up what's going on behind the scenes, and prevent distractions for the audience.)

Remember me?

Vinyl backdrop banners can provide a high-impact image on a large scale. People are likely to remember these kinds of images, making backdrop banners ideal for events and exhibitions. (Whether that's highlighting your logo, establishing the focal point for a convention, or getting across the main points of your presentation.)

A printed banner is the perfect way to get more coverage for your brand, your charity, or really any kind of organisation or initiative you can think of. You can even create a fully personalised backdrop for big birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, themed parties... anything you like!

Personalised backdrop banners to your exact specifications

A seminar in progress, with a woman delivering her talk in front of a branded backdrop

No matter what kind of event you're running, your backdrop banner can be designed and custom-made to your exact specifications. You choose what you want to convey, and any we can replicate your ideas to your personal preference. You get to choose the size and material of your banner, right down to the finishing choices for hanging the banner too.

Suitable for any location, indoors or outdoors

Large format background banners are ideal for use out in the elements, as long as they're produced in high-quality materials like vinyl PVC. Well-made banners are weatherproof, flexible, durable and fade-resistant, so they can be used in all seasons too. (This makes them perfect for the UK's notoriously unpredictable weather.)

They're also suitable for indoor use in theatres, trade shows, conference halls and exhibition centres, or even as signage for sole traders and businesses. For high-wind areas, there are even perforated mesh banners that let the wind pass right through, ensuring that your printed backdrop or signage won't blow loose.

Printed Backdrop Banners Photography Blog Image 4

Easy to transport and can be used time and time again

Just like any other banner, backdrop banners are hard-wearing and easy to transport. They can be rolled up and used again and again, making them a highly cost-effective choice, especially if your design doesn't need to change over time. We'd definitely recommend rolling up your banner for storage rather than folding it, just to preserve its design in the best condition. (While cleaning an outdoor vinyl banner just takes a bucket of soap and water.)

Whatever kind of backdrop you need, there's a banner that can bring your ideas to life. Our print team create vinyl PVC banners, signs and backdrops every day, so we're committed to using only the best possible materials and fixtures for our customers.

It's easy to order your banner from us, and whether you have your own design or you need something creating from scratch, we make the whole process quick and easy. Just get in touch to learn more about our banner printing service, or take a look at our product pages for our full banner range.

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