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  • 5.0 out of 5
    Aura produced 2 x roller banners for me in 24hrs. Fantastic quality and a lower price than other companies offer. I Would not hesitate to recommend them or to use them again.

  • 4.7 out of 5
    An email I sent to Aura Print:

    A pat on the back for you and your team - please pass this on to your team for me….

    I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you and your team for doing a quick turn around for me on my order. I needed it urgently, and your friendly and helpfulness - plus of course your efficiency resulted in me being more than satisfied. I will definitely be using you again in the future.

    Thanks very much.

  • 5.0 out of 5
    I ordered 2 banners from Aura Print for my dj business. One for on the front of my booth and the other for outdoor public events to put on railings etc. Their website allows you to enter custom sizes of the banner to suit your needs. My booth is 4ft wide so I entered 4ft by 1ft in the appropriate boxes and it gave me the size I wanted at a low price. They sent my banners out by next day delivery and they came super quick. The quality was exceptional and I will be ordering with them again infact i'm designing a new banner now! They also have a thick hem on the banners which is extremely important as they increase the strength of the banner and prolong the life of the banner when used outdoors.

  • 5.0 out of 5
    Delivered as expected on time.

  • 5.0 out of 5
    AuraPrint are simply the best place for all your promotional needs! Honest and reliable with outstanding customer service, you can actually speak to a really helpful human and everything if you have any questions! Super fast turnaround and superb quality printing at astoundingly reasonable prices. We have used them for the last three years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  • 5.0 out of 5
    I have used Aura Print for Posters and Banners over the last couple of years and have always had a first class service, quality product, fast delivery and very helpful staff. Highly Recommended.



An Overview Of Paper Types & The Best Uses For Them



This entry was posted in by Emma Smith.

What paper type should I use?

We get that all the different types of paper can be confusing! We often get asked by our customers which one should they use? Our answer is not always simple, as choosing the right paper for your project can make a huge difference to the final result.

To help, we’ve produced this guide to explain each paper type we offer and what it’s used for. If you’re still unsure though, we always love to help our customers so just give us a call.

paper stacked in piles

Uncoated paper

Simple and easy going, uncoated paper is the most cost-effective way you can print anything.

In more detail, it’s more porous compared to other types due to being uncoated. So much like a sponge, it soaks in more of the ink and gives your lettering a softer, smoother appearance around the edges. It doesn’t have a shiny look, so there's no glare, which is great for reports, flyers and leaflets. It gives a natural look to your print and just like your notepad, it's easy to write on making it perfect for cards or envelopes too.

Available from 130gsm to 800gsm, the thickness of paper you choose makes a big difference to the finished quality. Think of it like a t-shirt, you can get one made of thinner materials or thicker materials. In this instance you might associate the thinner one to seem cheaper and lack quality.  It's the same for paper, choosing a paper that’s too thin can often mean your project lacks that professional touch. Equally, sometimes using too thick paper can be a waste if the job doesn’t warrant it. We’ll always suggest the best paper to use for your project anyway, but if you need any advice don’t forget we’re here to help.

uncoated paper stack

Our most popular product for uncoated paper are flyers and you can see them here.

Coated papers

Put simply, coated papers are just uncoated paper nestled cosy inside a blanket of magic (treated with sealant). There are two main types, gloss and silk.


Gloss paper has a lovely high shine and finish. It reflects the light, so it’s great for images with lots of bright colours, especially large graphics and photographs. Gloss paper does have some glare though, which may make readability difficult, so just bear this in mind for your project. The finish gives a great contrast to the colours we print and really makes them pop. The magic is in the details though, the gloss coating reduces the ink absorption, giving a bright, vibrant, and sharp finish to your work. If you’re design is image heavy with big bold text, gloss is a great choice.

shiny gloss paper

A popular use for our gloss papers are our posters which can be found here.


In short, silk paper is the middle ground between gloss and uncoated paper. It still has a nice smooth touch and makes colours pop, but it doesn’t have the incredibly high glare that is characteristic of gloss paper. Your colours are still sharp, vivid, and text heavy designs are also really easy to read. Silk paper is most commonly used for leaflets, brochures and posters due to the high mix of text and imagery. It really is a great all-round paper. Bonus round, you can write on silk with a ballpoint pen too.

silk fabric

Silk paper works great with our A5 flyers.


As the name suggests, recycled paper is made from used paper products. We only use 100% recycled paper as not only does it have the best unique feel, but our customers that want recycled paper ask for 100% to fit their company’s ethos. If you’re wanting your paper to give you a feel good vibe, this is the perfect environmentally friendly choice. Interestingly, our recycled paper doesn’t look recycled (unlike recycled chipboard wood for instance), but it does have a unique grainy texture! We also have a choice between bleached or unbleached, basically white or brown (Kraft paper, well get onto this later). Either can be printed onto but you’ll get the exact same results as uncoated paper if you choose the bleached.

recycling logo made from recycled paper

Recycled paper is great for business cards which can be found here.


Coloured paper is basically uncoated paper dyed and dried before we print to it. You may not know this but inks are transparent, so the colour of the paper you print on can shine through. For example, if you print yellow onto pink paper, it would look red, similarly if you print blue onto yellow paper, it would look green. It can create some really funky outcomes, but we think the best use for coloured paper is to use dark colours such as black, to really create contrast. It’s also really good if you’re wanting to make sure the edges of your paper aren’t white.

One thing we personally like is to print black on black, it creates a really unique matt vs silk texture where only your text has glare. Be warned though, this technique is experimental, and only really works with bold text.

coloured paper on bright blue background


Ooh la la, our conqueror contour paper is a high quality, hammer embossed paper. It has a unique handmade appearance and its texture is similar to the natural lumps and bumps of quality leather. We sell both a bright white and a cream version. If you really want to turn heads with your letterheads, certificates, or official documents, conqueror should be your go-to option. All Conqueror paper is FSC approved too. The feel is thick and substantial. If you’re thinking luxurious, then this is it!

conqueror contour cream paper

Kraft recycled paper

Kraft paper is produced from the pulp of recycled material. It is a strong paper with great elasticity and a unique rustic look. We really love it as it’s full of individualistic charm and it has a wonderful organic feel. It’s perfect for cards, postcards, booklet covers, tags and now our business card range. Because of the brown colour of the paper, you’ll need to consider the colours of your design. Black ink will always work well, whereas lighter colours on the CYMK spectrum will morph due to the brown mixing with the transparent ink. It can work well with a vintage theme too as it's reminiscent of days gone by and old-fashioned printing methods. Combine this with the right font and it can be a perfect match to give that retro look.

kraft paper

Double Thick paper

Impactful, bold, chunky, call it what you want, our double thick paper is awesome. Implied by the name, double thick paper is made by fusing 2 sheets of card together. It’s great for creating a deeper impression into paper and really giving us our edge to offer thicker paper than anyone else in the business. This card feels just as expensive and fancy as the more traditional letterpress or thermography printing, but with the added benefits of digital printing technology. This card is ideal for business cards, letterheads or certificates to really create a regal and impressive feel. We’ve even heard rumours the queen sends out her 100yr old birthday cards on a similar type of paper, but that’s only hearsay.


Our double thick paper is ideal for classy business cards. Take a look.

Impakt colour core and colour backed card

Impakt is our homemade take on a luxury, heavyweight printing card with a colour core or back. Ideally suited to business card use, the unique contrast between the white card and coloured card means it’s easily identifiable from a stack of other business cards. It also does a really good job of reinforcing your brand as you can choose a matching colour for your branding. So for a totally different look, give your business card or invites a dash of class and look no further than our Impakt range.

Impakt Colour Core business cards

Specially designed for business cards, you can order yours here.

In closing, we're always going to offer a wide range of paper types, and that is only going to grow as our customers interests change and you let us know what you want. We can always accommodate what you need now though so if anything isn't on this list, get in touch as we can get it in specially for you! To get in touch: